60 vintage knitting kit w/ pattern, retro snug cardigan sweater pink mohair yarn w/ silver

60s vintage knitting kit with pattern and yarns to make a fuzzy cardigan sweater - the Bernat "Florentine Jacket" in mohair / wool yarn, silver metallic and white french angora for accents.

This doesn't look like a large amount of yarn (not what I'd think would be enough for a modern 16-18), so I'd expect the finished sweater to fit small and medium sizes best, even using the largest size from this kit. Sweaters were very, very snug and short in the 60s! The retro 'style' sweaters today run much larger.

The yarn is just gorgeous, real angora and a luxurious mohair / wool / nylon blend. It's all in very good clean condition.

Item No. nt71995