IBM Selectric II vintage electric typewriter w/ font ball

Vintage IBM Selectric II typewriter with a font ball in place. We've plugged this in, it starts fine, and none of the keys appear to be locked up. But we're having trouble where it's typing different letters than we're pressing, and we're wondering if that has to do with the font ball? We're afraid to try to adjust it, or take it out... we have no manual or instructions for this machine.

I'm embarrassed to say that I don't really know how to use a typewriter, and I had a hard time figuring out any of even the simplest of the functions on this one!

This came out of an estate with a couple of other typewriters, all carefully kept, so we'd expect that it'll work? It's in very nice clean condition without wear, staining etc. to the housing, it doesn't look as though it's been used a lot or very hard. All the same, we're selling it as a machine in need of a tune up, because we can't assure you this works right now.

Please email us if you have further questions or need photos of angles or pieces we haven't shown. Thanks!

Item No. b32410