Egyptian revival vintage snake arm band bracelet, Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor style!

Vintage metal arm band (upper arm bracelet), tarnished silver tone metal. We didn't find any makers marks, and we haven't tested this piece for silver. It's just costume jewelery, maybe 20s or 30s, but more probably mid-century vintage I think.

This is a cobra or snake about 3 1/4" or 3 1/2" (depending on where I measured) across the oval of the opening... not really very large, you'll need slender arms for this piece as it is! It's not flexible, you can't unwind it and wrap it around to close it, it's a fairly rigid bangle.

The head of the snake has been soldered to the body, we don't know if that's original to manufacture or a repair. It needs a good cleaning. Very interesting collectible piece!

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Item No. m5351