Huge lot early CAD engineering FEA analysis software 5.25'' floppy disks

Huge lot of early PC engineering software on 5.25'' floppy diskettes. These are all from the estate of an engineer and are there are over 120 discs in this lot, about 90 are marked as ALGOR and as engineering software, the rest are other things, backup disks etc..

We've shown some of the labels, programs like ViziCAD Plus SuperDraw II Design System, Supergen Automatic Mesh Generator, Linear Natural Frequency Analysis with Load Stiffening, Weight and Center of Gravity Analysis, Linear Stress Analysis, Hypergen - 3D Solid Tetrahedral Mesh Generator and more.

These discs seem to mostly be from the early 1990s and with more then 90 dics, there were just too many to photo and test, so we're selling them for a collector to run on your vintage PCs.

Item No. b0112509