Retro 1950s atomic vintage Moe Light wall sconce canister lamp w/blue & green diffuser shade

1950's or 1960's vintage hanging canister lamp wall sconce with a blue and green colored plastic diffuser shade... looks great lit up! The white center canister shade is made of glass. This fixture is made to wire directly into the wall. This lamp measures about 12" high over the lamp, 6 1/4" across the plastic diffuser canister. This sconce extends about 10" from the wall and measures 5" across the mounting plate. The metal fixture is brass plated and is in excellent condition.

This vintage light fixture still has the original paper Moe Light label. This is the same Moe of Moe Bridges lighting fixtures. In the late 20s, the Moe brothers left the Moe Bridges company and founded Moe Bros, which was renamed Moe Light in 1948 and was renamed again in 1953 to Thomas Industries.

Item No. w92425a