Mod vintage swag lamp set, retro yellow gypsy bead curtain shade lights

60s - 70s vintage swag lamp lights, each on it's own long cord. These have bead curtain 'shades' over large mod style light bulbs, very groovy!

The light bulbs are amber, but you could replace them with clear bulbs, or clear bulbs with any colored finish you'd like for an exotic effect. We'll be shipping these bulbs to you with this set of lights, but we can't promise how long they'll last as they're about 40 years old already!

The beads are in very good clean condition, only a few strings missing as shown. The fixures are very nice, too - both work fine. Size is about 8" diameter x 14" down the length of the curtain of beads.

The cords have been doubled back through the long swag chains, so in function they're cords about half the length of the chains. We've left them just as they came to us, as you might want to rewire these onto a single cord with a switch.

Item No. u714120