Groovy vintage swag lamp pendant lights, ornate french ivory & gold, boho gypsy retro

Pair of ornate cast metal pendant light fixtures, vintage 60s, very cool! These are in need of some work, but we loved the cast metal scrollwork, and think that these would be well worth a little fixing up!

We've hung them from string in the photos, as these have no chains, and the original cords have been cut short, as shown. The metal has finish wear, soil, and rust spotting, but would look great with a new coat of paint (gold? how about silver? maybe glossy black?).

Each of the two lights is designed to hold a standard socket light bulb - these are meant to take the big round bulbs, though we only had a small round bulb on hand, which we showed for scale. The metal globes are about 7 1/2" in diameter.

Item No. b2492