Retro vintage crystal swag lamp pendant light, made for prisms

Here's a gorgeous 1950s hollywood regency style swag lamp, needing a little work and prettying up. The glass shade is in very nice shape, but the metal fittings have a little verdigris and rusting - they need cleaning, and a little touching up to the gold. It's made to hold glass teardrops or prisms, and swags of glass bead garland chain at the top, we have none.

The light bulb socket is complete, but the pull chain for the switch is rusty, and you'll want to replace that. There's no hanging chain, or electrical wiring above the socket, and you'll need both to hang and light the lamp.

Sounds like a big job, but it's really very easy to re-wire a light, and because we're selling this as found, it'll be much cheaper for you overall. You'll be able to buy exactly the parts you want locally, and get a great low price on a one-of-a-kind vintage piece!

Item No. n32559