Retro vintage SoundSphere 2212-1 round disco speaker

Retro 1970s vintage huge SoundSphere model 2212-1, 12'' 200 watt / 8 ohm speaker by Sonic Systems. This speaker has three large eye bolts for hanging and we were told that it is suitable for indoor or outdoor locations and can also be mounted any flat hard surface.

This has a large 12" speaker aimed at the reflector and 4 3-1/2" tweeters mounted on the sphere. There is a 4 3/8" diameter access hole in the side of the sphere. This hooks up with a large (about 1/4") jack.  It measures about 25" across the reflector and 25" high. Here is a link to a page with more information we found by searching on google.

We've hooked this up to a VCR and as far as we can tell, this works perfectly.

There is some minor wear, scratching and a few smears of old paint to the housing and dust and soil to the membrane of the 12" speaker from years in storage. We don't know the correct way to clean the membrane and didn't try.  

If you have questions, please ask.

Item No. h814109