70s retro pots and pans, olive green w/ orange and purple daisy flowers

70s vintage enameled steel pots and pans - these are showing some wear from use, but we love the flower power daisies pattern! They aren't marked, but we'd guess probably Italy? They're a lightweight steel, not heavier cast iron like much European cookware.

There's a dutch over style pot (10" in diameter x 4"), with lid.

There are two saucepans with lids, sizes 8" x 3 1/2" and 7" x 3". And there's a small sauce pan without a lid, measures 6" x 2 1/2".

All of these have wear and scratching, and spots of enamel loss in areas. They look functionally fine, and you'd probably have signs of use anyway, if you do any real cooking at all. They don't look like new pans, and they aren't Le Creuset, but the sizes are useful for everyday cooking, and the flower print is bright and fun!

Item No. b11735