mod vintage Italian cookware set, colored enamel paella pan casseroles w/ skillet handle

Mid-century vintage enameled steel pans, black with red, blue, yellow interiors. These have a great shallow shape for gratins or paella or saute. The mark looks to be two lions, we'd been told these are made in Italy, though we don't know the maker.

We like the detachable handle in this set - it fits on to any of the pans to make them incredibly versatile for cook and serve ware.

The blue are about 6 1/2" bowl diameter, 7 1/2" across the handles - yellow 8 1/2" bowl diameter, 9 1/2" across the handles - red 10 1/2" bowl diameter, 11 1/2" across the handles.

All are used, and though they're clean and nice overall, they do have a few pops to the enamel, and a little scratching.

Item No. m511149