Retro vintage mod cubist Telechron/Ideal clock radio, Hong Kong

Vintage late 1960s or 1970s, Ideal / Telechron clock radio with and retro mod cube design. This is an original period piece, not a newer reproduction. It is marked "Ideal Solid State AM / FM Clock - Made in Hong Kong on the face. A solid state radio is the same as a transistor radio, i.e. not a vacuum tube radio set. This mod clock radio measures as a 5" cube (5" high, 5" wide and 5" deep).

The clock runs great and we were picking up FM radio stations, but couldn't get any AM stations. This is probably an antenna issue, we're in a hilly rural area and have a hard time picking up radio stations. This retro clock radio is in nice vintage condition, but does have some light wear and scratches.

Item No. w31246