Lot of 3 vintage Velvet Vernier dials for ham and short-wave radio equipment

Lot of three assorted vintage vernier dials from the estate of a shortwave and ham radio buff. Two of these dials are marked Velvet Vernier.

The dial with the pointer is marked National Company Velvet Vernier and measures about 2 3/4" across and 5" over the wire pointer. The coupling on the back is for a 1/4" shaft.

The vernier dial with the black bakelite body measures about 2 1/2" across and is calibrated from 0 to 100. It is marked 50 mm - Japan on the back. It is made for a 1/4" shaft.

The one without a knob measures about 2 5/8" across. It is marked Velvet Vernier and is also marked with a US patent number from 1930. The coupling on the back is for a 1/4" shaft and the shank on the front is also 1/4" across.

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Item No. b211500