Lot 40s/50s vintage bakelite radio crystals aviation

Lot of about 15 vintage General Electric crystal oscillator units with bakelite bodies. Most of these radio crystals are marked for "Freq. KC (Kilocycles?) of 1178.12. We've been told that was / is? a band used for airplanes, pilots and aviation beacons (but are not sure).

There are about 11 of these crystal oscillators that are marked "General Electric Crystal Oscillator Unit - Cat. 32C401G50" and they carry a US patent number from 1946. They are marked for a frequency of 1178.12 and are also stamped with "7484684-1".

There are also two with the same catalog number on the label plate and a frequency of 1570.83 and are stamped with "K-7131110-P1" and two with red label plates and catalog number "32C401G50A" and frequency "1178.12".

We haven't tested these and are selling them as is.

Item No. w3754