Photogenic Speed Lite M1-28A, vintage photo flash studio power supplies

Pair of old vacuum tube vintage Photogenic Speed Lite photography flash power supplies for restoration or parts. These are both marked as model M1-28A. They are marked 115 volt, 60 cyc AC power.

They have large 6 pin connectors for the cables to go to the flash heads. Both power supplies have sockets for vacuum tubes, but there is only one vacuum tube included. It is a GE GL-929. There is a also one short power cord and a cord that connects to a fitting on the top of the power supply.

One of them has a silver industrial hammered paint finish and the other has an industrial silvery brown finish. They measure about 10.25" x 10" x 4.5". We don't know much about these and are selling them for restoration or parts.

sale price: $105.75
Item No. n1105500
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