Lot of vintage Russian poetry, fairy tales and English / Cyrillic dictionary

Lot of vintage Russian books... Russian fairy tales, poetry and verse and a dictionary. There is a 1945 book (1973 reprint) of - Russian Fairy Tales - Collected by Aleksander Afanas'ev with Illustrations by Alexandetr Alexeieff - Translated by Norbert Guterman -. It has about 660 pages.

There is also -The Heritage of Russian Verse with plain prose translations of each Poem - Introduced and edited by Dimitri Obolensky - . It is copyright 1965 and has 472 pages. The glue on the spine is brittle with age and is cracked in several places.

- A phrase and sentence dictionary of spoken Russian - Russian / English English / Russian - with 573 pages. This is a Dover edition (we're not sure what year) and was originally published in 1958 during the Cold War as US military dictionary TM30-944.

These books have some wear.

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