Retro danish modern teak cubist modular storage cabinets, vintage Japan

Set of four retro 1960s vintage danish modern cubist storage cabinets. These cabinets were originally for storing your collection of LPs & records, but are such versatile retro storage!

These are modular, stackable and can be arranged to fit your space! They are teak veneered and made in Japan.

These measure 15 3/4" wide (side to side), 15 3/4" deep (front to back) and 15 5/8" high. The cabinet doors have matching teak grained recessed pulls and magnetic latches.

They do have some wear and some scratches. There is also a small chip to the teak veneer at the bottom of one and a small cigarette burn to the top of another.

this item no longer available
Item No. k617500