pair art deco mid-century vintage chrome coffee & tea pot w/ mod wood handles

Mid-century vintage chrome plated coffee pot and tea pot. These are a nice set, and would work well as a pair of coffee pots for regular & decaf, or as a pair of tea pots just as easily!

These are marked with a T in a cross, it's not a mark we're familiar with. The pots are light weight (stainless steel?) with highly polished chrome plating, and handles made from acacia wood or something similar.

These are gorgeously styled, though we're uncertain as to the exact age - these could be 1930s, or 1960s, or something in between! We've been told that these were airline pots, though there's no markings or engravings for planes or airways.

These stand about 7 1/2" and 8 1/2" tall, and are both in good clean condition. We saw a few small spots and marks, but these remarkably nice overall.

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Item No. nt22685