Retro danish modern vintage Garrard phonograph turntable w/solid teak case

Mid century danish modern vintage Garrard Cyclophonic High Fidelity phonograph turntable for restoration or parts. This Garrard record player has a lovely danish modern wood case made of solid teak rather then the veneer that you so often see. The turntable is marked as Laboratory Series - Made in England.

This phonograph has the cord (not shown in the photos, sorry) but it does not power up and so we're selling it for repairs or parts. Because it doesn't seem to power up at all, we're guessing that it is probably something simple like a blown fuse or a loose connection.

This teak cabinet is so nice... we think it might be nice for your Garrard 301 or other turntable. A nice addition to your sound lab. There are a few small water spots to the top of the cabinet.

this item no longer available
Item No. k46507