Lot vintage cyrillic alphabet russian language books, fairy tales etc.

Lot of five assorted old World War Two and Cold War vintage Russian books written in the Cyrillic alphabet and presumably in the Russian language (but we're not sure). These are from the estate of a man who visited the Soviet Union in the early 1970s.

Several of theses books are russian folk or fairy tales (we think). One has an art cover of a man on a flying horse over a crowd of villagers. It has about 180 pages and is dated 1953. Another has a boy riding on the back of a lion and is dated 1974).

There is a tanned book with a blue design with a man on a horse on the cover (right hand book in the third photo) that is dated 1941. Most of the pages in this book have never been cut apart, but the glue holding the cover on is coming loose.

There is also a copy of N. V Gogol - The Overcoat dated 1970. It is the only one of these books with any Latin characters.

These are all in vintage condition.

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