Lot of 5 1930s vintage 78s records Russian & Gypsy music & bands

Lot of 5 old 1930s or early 1940s vintage 78 rpm record with Russian and Gypsy music played by Gypsy bands and orchestras. The labels are all Decca.

These records have paper sleeves. We don't know anything about grading records. These records do have some wear but look generally playable to us.

The records are:

Autumn Wind - Samarkand / George Yurka

Cossack Revels / Nicolas Kovac

Stars / Nayara

Courage / Michael Dido

Snowshoes - Riding the Troika / Nicolas Matthey

Flax - Sparkling Wine / Maria Balinsky - Stephen Slepoushkin

Little Bricks - A Glass of Vodka / Nicolas Matthey

Baikal / Stephen Slepoushkin

You Never Loved Me / Nastia Polyakova

Gypsy Reminiscence / Nastia Polyakova

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