70s vintage kit for leaded glass light fixture, blue & green stained glass lamp shade parts

Beautiful blue and green glass kit to make a leaded glass shade (just a shade, no wiring or other lamp parts included). It's 70s vintage, still carefully packed in the very worn original box.

We believe it's probably the light from the box cover illustration that's shown in our close up photo, but the box isn't marked, and we don't have a parts list or instruction sheet to compare it to. Also, we're not sure of the finished size, as we could only measure the pre-cut pieces.

The parts look good, and we didn't see anything broken or obviously missing. We've tried to get you photos of everything we could think of, but if you have any questions please email us.  You'll probably know more about this than we do, since you'll need to know how to assemble one of these shades without instructions!

this item no longer available
Item No. s2241