Huge lot of 1920s National Radio Institute technical booklets, schematics+

Huge lot of 45 1920s technical booklets on the design, operation and technical principles of radio. These were all published by the National Radio Institute as part of their - Complete Course in Practical Radio -.

These have lots of illustrations, photos, drawings and schematics.

This lot includes sequential lessons texts from 1 through 38 and also numbers 40, 41-P, 42, 44 and 45. They are mostly copyright 1926 or 1927 and have around 29 or 30 pages. A number do have more or fewer pages.

These are mostly in nice vintage condition for items of this age and type. They do have some wear, a few loose covers etc., owner's name, some pencil markings and some light soil from years in storage. Lesson 10's front cover is completely loose and the booklet does have some minor charring in spots.

The titles of these Lesson Texts are:

General Instructions of History and Development of Radio Telegraphy - Elementary Electricity and Magnetism-Electric Current;

Electrical Units - Types of Circuits and the Laws Controlling the Flow of Currents;

Rules for the Flow of Electric Current and Magnetic Lines;

Electromagnetic Induction and Transformer Design;

Applied Electricity and The Motor Generator;

Radio Broadcasting and Reception;

The Vacuum Tube;

The Antenna - Types of Receiving Aerials and Their Installation;

Radio Reception and the Crystal Detector;

The Three Element Vacuum Tube as a Detector;

The Single-Tube Circuits Used In Radio Receivers;

Audio Frequency Amplification;

Radio Reception - Radio Frequency Amplification;

General Trouble Shooting in Radio Receivers;

Testing Radio Receivers and Amplifiers;

Radio Instruments and Vacuum Tube Testing;

Radio Measurements and the Wavemeter;

Radio Batteries - Their Construction and Operation;

Reflex Radio Receivers;

The Neutrodyne Receiver;

The Super-Heterodyne Receiver - Development, Design and Operation;

Choosing and Building Your Own Receiver;

Standard Radio Receiver Circuits;

Radio Disturbances - Cause, Finding, and the Remedy;

Building and Operating the Superheterodyne Receiver;

Superheterodyne Troubles and Their Remedies;

Radio Battery Chargers;

Radio Battery Eliminators;

Radio Interference and Its Elimination;

Radio Beacons and Direction Finders;

History and Development of Radio Telephony; (2 copies)

Tubes - Their Operation and Tube Transmitters;

Power Supply Apparatus for Transmitting Tubes;

Standard Tube Circuits for Broadcasting Transmitters;

Operating Principles of Commercial And Broadcasting Transmitters;

Amateur Short Wave Transmitters and Receivers;

Short Wave Transmitters;

Design and Installation of Tube Transmitters;

How To Operate a Broadcasting Station;

Trans-Atlantic Radio Telephone and Relay Stations;

Piezo-Electric Crystal-Control for Transmitters;

Construction and Operation of Power Amplifiers;

Short Wave Beam Transmission;

Aircraft Radio Transmitters and Receivers;

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